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We Have Game Announcements Coming Soon!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Hello all!

Previously, we had announced we were working on our first game titled How To Train Your Hero - a puzzle game aimed at Steam and Mobile. Well, sometimes life leads you down a different path.

In the development of How To Train Your Hero, we decided to head back to the drawing board to try a new idea. Since doing so, we are now working on something the team ended up clicking with and loving even more! We are very sorry for those eagerly looking forward to How To Train Your Hero, but we think you'll really like what we are doing with this new project!

That's all we can say on the matter for right now, but keep your eyes and ears tuned to Lost Attic's socials for when we can reveal (or mention a bit more) about what's next!

Thanks for your patience!

Lost Attic Games

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