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Get To Know Us Better! Meet The Team In-Depth

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The core team of Lost Attic consists of Emily, Meg, and Scott; each bringing something unique and special to the table. Let's dive deeper into the team so you can get to know us better!



Emily is a Games Artist from the UK who loves all things stylised. Specializing in Character Art, she grew up creating all sorts of maniacal spellcasters & mythical creatures to populate role-playing games with. Now she models & 3D prints them herself!

Despite an education in games she went on to work for a tabletop printing start up before landing her first industry job, still managing to find the time to create & explore personal works in her free time.

Emily easily fell into the world of Game Jams & Art Challenges where she ended up discovering a love of hand-painted 3D characters. She even wrote a blog on Sketchfab about her journey as an artist!



Meg is a Concept Artist and Art Director from the North of England. She studied Fine art at Leeds college of Art before jumping into the entertainment Industry.

She has 10 years worth of experience having worked for several studios on several AAA games such as ‘Little Big Planet, Dead Island 2’ and more recently worked as a Senior Concept artist on Remedy’s next Title.

In 2021 she got to embrace her love of stop motion animation as she Art Directed an unannounced project for Aardman Animation studios.

She has had tutorials, interviews and Artwork published in magazines such as ImagineFx, Games ™ , Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Layer Paint and 3DTotal.



Scott is a self-taught programmer and been at it for 15 years. He was a programmer at Google for 5 years, then left to work on games full time.

He is a dabbler in music production, writing, media analysis, and philosophy. Scott is Lost Attic's top placement holder artist.

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